Saturday, February 27, 2021

What's A Lockdown Good For?

Glad you asked. It turns out that George Soros' World Economic Forum (WEF)--the Great Reset people--run by Soros flunkie Klaus Schwab has an answer (H/T TGP):

Does this suggest how our ruling elite views us little people and what the Great Reset might hold in store for us?


  1. In the CS Lewis book, "That Hideous Strength," the intellectuals and scientists viewed the moon as the perfect world because it was, at that time, untouched and perfect in its sterility.

    It doesn't seem they have progressed much except they do want a depopulated world with themselves being served by the remnants.

    One of "The Kingsmen" movies was the same with the elite causing a worldwide cataclysm as they hid in bunkers to emerge in the remnant.

  2. The new Cancel Culture: Canceling noise pollution...the world’s worst evil.

    Of course, we still have to listen to CNN in airports and while we’re pumping gas...

    1. Good News!!! No longer CNN in Airports:

      CNN was actually paying the airports to host their service. Covid-19 cancelled CNN, who would have thought that?

  3. Correction: the phrase "host their service" should be replaced by: "host their propaganda/misinformation channel". Just want to get it right should some none want to fact check that statement.

    1. Long, long ago CNN was the 24 hour news channel that ran a fresh “breaking news” every half hour. It was the business traveler’s friend because it would catch one up to date in a half hour. There was no time for any of the “guests” and nasty “anchors” who are today’s CNN. Although I never noticed, I imagine it went into the airports for the same reason at the same time.

  4. Clarice Feldman today on Merrick Garland. Terrific! (Her article, not Garland, as she describes in detail.)…

    Without stepping on her lines, she starts off with Garland’s assessment that the BLM/Antifa rioting, arson, looting and unleashed mayhem last summer did not constitute domestic terrorism because they occurred at night (!) but the January 6 Capitol episode was domestic terrorism.

    1. In addition, I think he was trying to make the distinction, that the BLM terrorists were only attacking a building, the courthouse, and not people, and at night when court was not in session, therefore they weren't interrupting lawful court business.

      All the talking points, that might sway Dem believers and give them something to latch onto.

      It doesn't really matter, they'll say anything in the moment, believable or not.

      That's the great advantage liars have.


    2. @Bebe

      Good article. Thanks for sharing.

      Feldman also makes the excellent point that the Dems have begun to attack themselves (Cuomo, Newsome). Wait until they go after the hapless, demented Biden (nuclear codes?) and the unqualified Harris (foreign policy experience?)...

      Which they will. Because they can't help themselves.

  5. What's a lockdown good for?

    Why, for good, of course.

    Mark A