Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Media Attempts To Portray Zhou Baiden As, Uh, Somewhat Involved

We're starting to learn more about the daily schedule of the Zhou Baiden regime, and specifically about Zhou himself--his daily schedule. Turns out, according to the fawning MSM, that Zhou likes a very orderly life--you might almost say, really laid back. CNN tells us that Zhou is an early-to-bed guy. Which makes sense, since apparently people suffering from dementia tend to get agitated in the evening. Elsewhere I've read that he doesn't drag his ass into the Oval Office till, oh, around 9AM. That kind of schedule used to be known as bankers' hours. Who knew POTUS was such an easy gig? 

It helps, of course, that Kama Sutra is apparently handling some of the head of state calls, and who knows what other things. Those would come under the rubric of what we in federal "service" used to winkingly refer to as "other duties as assigned." Whatever helps Zhou make it through the day. Flexible. Hand him the pen, push an executive order in front of him, turn his note cards right side up, take phone calls from foreign people. That kinda stuff.

So what's Zhou actually doing in the Oval Office? Well, again according to CNN, he likes to have a fire in the fireplace and to be joined by his dogs. He even adds a log to the fire all by himself, sometimes. They say he also likes to read "letters from Americans." When he's not signing executive orders.

Regarding head of state meetings, something a regime head traditionally does, we were preemptively advised--so we wouldn't pester Jen by asking--that Zhou won't be meetings those heads of state for, let's see, maybe the next couple of months? 

Oh, I should specify, I was talking about heads of foreign states. But, then, it seems Zhou hasn't been speaking to the heads of US states, either. Those are the people we call "governors". Some of them govern states that have been struggling with some really brutal winter weather. Zhou has been "kept abreast" of all that and has been provided "regular updates", but his quality time--snoozy time?--with his dogs in front of the fireplace has not been interrupted by actual phones calls with those "governors." Not as such. 

I guess this POTUS thing is just part of the gig economy now. And Zhou has never been one to look a gift gig in the mouth. So to speak.


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    1. I try sometimes. Then again, maybe it's just very sad.

  2. Meanwhile, his voters are very pleased with him... I've noticed that polls continue their practice of polling adults with no explanation of party breakdown in their results, and he still cannot get to Trump levels. It's the beginning of a long four years.

  3. 80 million voters voted for this - we are to believe

  4. You omit how brave dear old Joe is. Imagine the courage it takes to enter a room, any room, knowing that everyone else is smarter than you.

  5. Will he make it until the 4th of July? Memorial Day? Easter?. If he makes to Easter he can hide his own eggs.

  6. Kameltoe will be taking over any day now. Pres Bi-Dung is presently arranging to take an unfortunate turn for the worse as soon as any meetings with foreign leaders are scheduled. Drool is not a good look on a national leader.


  7. I guess this is the train wreck in slow motion we’ve heard so much about. Too bad about the dogs.

  8. Now Trump hitting back at dear old Mich...
    "Likewise, McConnell has no credibility on China because of his family’s substantial Chinese business holdings. He does nothing on this tremendous economic and military threat"
    "Mitch is a dour, sullen, and unsmiling political hack, and if Republican Senators are going to stay with him, they will not win again. He will never do what needs to be done, or what is right for our Country."


  9. Marvelous satire, Mark!!!! Bravo!!!! It has been an appycray day and I was ready for a laugh. You left out Joebama’s special JOE mug (not a Tommy Tippy cup) that he hugs when he is cuddling by the fire with a paperback book enclosed in a special White House paper book cover. It could be Dick and Jane Visit the White Housefor all we know.

    When do you think the Dems will get wise to the dirty trick that was played on them?

    1. “When do you think the Dems will get wise to the dirty trick that was played on them?”

      More like “played on themselves” ( and the rest of us).

  10. Jen Psaki (whose name became a joke in Moscow after she’d visited there during the Obama reign of terror) in a December 2020 Moscow Times article:

    This week’s news that U.S. President-elect Joe Biden had chosen Jennifer Psaki as his administration’s press secretary sparked a flurry of excitement on Russian state media and social media alike.

    “We are looking forward to Jen's return,” said Vladimir Solovyev, a controversial host on the state-run Rossia 1 broadcaster and one of Russia’s main spin doctors, following the announcement.

    A little-known official in her home country, Psaki is a celebrity in Russia — even if against her will.

    Psaki’s rise to Russian stardom stems from her time as State Department spokeswoman from 2013-2015 and as the Obama White House’s communications director from 2015-2017, some of the most contentious years in U.S.-Russia relations. Russian state television pundits and bloggers alike seized on gaffes she made while speaking on Russia-related topics, churning out jokes, satirical memes and videos, and constantly trolling her.

    Psaki was also the target of sexist jokes on topics ranging from not knowing who the father of her child is to her lacking knowledge of eastern European geography. The term “Great Psakiing” was coined in Russian to mean “confusing the facts.”

    Dmitry Kiselyov, another Kremlin-aligned television host, reminded viewers this week of the time Psaki accidentally said gas supplies flow from western Europe through Ukraine to Russia, not the other way around. While Psaki corrected herself shortly after making the mistake at a live press briefing, it didn’t save her from attacks on her intelligence.

    “This Psaki calmly declares that gas in Europe flows from west to east. It was she who was going to send a fleet to the shores of Belarus,” Kiselyov said on his Sunday news program.

    More here:

  11. We've gone from a beaver to a sloth.

  12. I saw a tweet about a long call the president-in-waiting had with somebody is speaking to foreign leaders!! haha

  13. I've heard from several people supposedly in the know that it's Susan Rice running the show with daily (constant) comms with The Lightgiver. I believe it. Because that is coherent. The narrative is not coherent.

    Mark A

  14. Generally, I'd say this is a thing to rejoice about--the less this guy does the better, but then I remember he has offices full of ideologues pumped full of Adderall and coffee capable of doing all the damage. The one unvarnished benefit of the Biden presidency though is that, given even his supporters can't with a straight face pretend he's doing much work, public attention will be drawn to the bureaucracy, the Deep State, like never before.

  15. One of my old college professors used to admonish us to”never underestimate someone inspired with enthusiasm for a cause that’s totally wrong.”