Saturday, February 20, 2021

No Kidding!

Americans answer the burning question about Zhou Baiden with a collective, Duh!

The next obvious question, which unfortunately is not so susceptible to polling is: If he's a puppet of the radical left, then who's pulling Zhou's strings?


  1. How much longer before this whole ridiculous charade collapses under its own weight?
    Saw an article today from Australia, they were wondering why no one in the US media will admit that Zhou is "simply not up to the job for which he was elected"?

  2. "If he's a puppet of the radical left, then who's pulling Zhou's strings?"

    Yes, Obama. Plus major Dem donors. Including George Soros. Advised by Lawfare.

  3. Hillary's on left Arm.

    Obama's on the right.

    Kim has the jaw.

    Poor old Joe.

    1. Which Kim, Kardashian or Jong-un?
      In any case, Xi Jinping may hold the leash.

    2. I don’t feel bad for Biden in the least. This is his dream come true. Senile he may be, but his ego is as big as ever.

  4. I think we are all waiting for the moment when Plugs implodes in front of a camera where he goes bat guano crazy or morphs into Young Frankenstein. How much thought have the donkey leaders given to how they will react? You know they have gamed this out and are waiting for the collapse. Of course they will have to deal with Dr. Jill; perhaps with promises to protect the misbegotten son from investigation. Who knows, but the time is drawing closer as each day passes and Plugs confirms the public's diagnosis...


  5. What are Biden’s principles as a politician?

    I mean, we should know by know since his entire professional life is an elected politician.

    ... crickets chirping ...


    This looks to me like a pretty good (perhaps not 100% perfect) litmus test of who's (perceived to be) a legitimate conservative (speaking) and who's a RINO/eGOPer (not speaking).

    Note absence of McConnell, Thune, and Barrasso. And N Haley and M Pence. And Burr, Romney, Collins, Murkowski, Toomey, Cassidy...and where are the Bushes?

  7. 54% / 40%

    Bringing to mind 54.40 or FIGHT!!

    So let's fight!

  8. While Australia’s Sky News journo is making Joebama’s dementia so clear that a 3 year old could “get it”, the VP - someone who should have been cancelled long ago - is underwhelming folks in Los Angeles:

    Massive Crowd of Two Supporters Welcomes 81 Million Vote Recipient Kamala Harris Back to Her California Home (Video)

    GP contrasts this with the Trump welcome home to West Palm Beach.

  9. TexasDude, that's how we know we're "in" the narrative, there's no past and the future is murky but oh so guaranteed. All the pundits and journalists pretending. We all went for a four year ride up Trump's rectum looking for skeletons but now we're going back to unquestioning belief in the goodness of the occupant. Two months ago ago it was all about the personal character of the Occupant, now it's not about that at all. And notice, we're not seeing a companion piece to the original Time article detailing the how oligarchic cabal is working to advance the agenda of Pres Zhou after having moved heaven and earth and corrupting same to get him "elected."

    Mark A

  10. Oops. Comment about Kamala was supposed to be on another thread.

  11. Anyone up for a Biden watch pool. $100 per square, starting 30 days out and going to the end of his term. I'm thinking he is gone in six months. Only one player per square. Sounds like fun.