Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Former FBI Officials Speak Out

Laura Ingraham did a very good interview re Andrew McCabe's remarkable admissions. She speaks with two former FBI officials, at very high levels: Kevin Brock and Terry Turchie (I knew Terry somewhat before he went to FBIHQ). I couldn't agree more with what they're saying. They sum up what the traditional "culture" of the Bureau was until relatively recently. And McCabe comes across, to me, as dangerously unhinged from reality. They both also make the point that I've hammered at over the months: the importance of understanding the various Guidelines that control all Executive Branch agencies, including the FBI. The FBI is not supposed to be out there freewheeling, opening up investigations on whims or "hunches." Brock and Turchie make it clear that McCabe and Comey were NOT acting within their official jurisdiction.

Former high-ranking FBI officials on Andrew McCabe's alarming admissions

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