Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Buzzfeed Source Was Felix Sater--Oh My!

Paul Sperry has tweeted that "career criminal" Felix Sater was Buzzfeed's source for their "narrative" that Trump asked Michael Cohen to lie to Congress--a "narrative" that was renounced by Mueller after thinking it over for a while.

Paul Sperry

BREAKING: Buzzfeed's "Deep Throat" source is Felix Sater, the crook-turned-asset/informant groomed by Clinton admin & handled by EDNY Loretta Lynch & Mueller attack dog Weissmann & the Source E of pee tape/other apocrypha for Clinton dossier Mueller using as Russiagate case theory
6:58 PM - 24 Jan 2019

You can read about Sater at the Felix Sater Wikipedia page, or you can read Gateway Pundit's take. Or you could double your pleasure by reading both!

According to Wikipedia:

Felix Henry Sater (born Felix Mikhailovich Sheferovsky; Russian: Фе́ликс Миха́йлович Шеферовский; March 2, 1966) is an American former mobster, real estate developer and former managing director of Bayrock Group LLC, a real estate conglomerate based out of New York City. ... 
In 1998, Sater pleaded guilty to his involvement in a $40 million stock fraud scheme orchestrated by the Russian Mafia, and became an informant for the Federal Bureau of Investigation and federal prosecutors, assisting with organized crime investigations. In 2017, Sater agreed to cooperate with investigators into international money laundering schemes. 
... According to the FBI, Mikhail Sheferovsky was an underboss for Russian Mafia "boss of bosses" Semion Mogilevich and convicted of extorting money from local restaurants, grocery stores, and a medical clinic. 
Felix Sater is reportedly a childhood friend of Michael Cohen.

Here you can read about Semion Mogilevich--a charmer.

Wikipedia will tell you a fair amount about Sater's connection to the Trump organization, through Cohen, but nothing about any connections to the Clintons:

Wikipedia will also tell you a bit about Sater's connection with Loretta Lynch

In return for a guilty plea, Sater agreed to assist the FBI and federal prosecutors as an informant in organized crime. In 2009, he was sentenced to pay a $25,000 fine and served no prison time. As a result of his assistance, Sater's court records were sealed for 10 years by Loretta Lynch, then the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York. Lynch's decision to seal his records was discussed at her 2015 Congressional confirmation hearings to become attorney general; she stated that Sater provided "information crucial to national security and the conviction of over 20 individuals, including those responsible for committing massive financial fraud and members of La Cosa Nostra."

but doesn't mention that Mueller's deputy, Andrew Weissman, signed Sater's cooperation agreement.

The point of this is that Andrew Weissman's fingerprints now appear to be all over multiple leaks, most recently the Michael Cohen story in Buzzfeed and then the Roger Stone arrest leak. In defense of Buzzfeed, you can understand why, if Sater was their source, they thought they were getting reliable information from Team Mueller. But you can also see why Team Mueller reconsidered the Cohen leak.

Question: Will Andrew Weissman ever be held to account for all his leaking and disinformation?

Observation: If you read through some of the links re Felix Sater (mostly to Buzzfeed stories) at Gateway Pundit, it's no surprise why so many people thought they could come up with links between Trump and organized crime. In fact it must have taken some real determination on Trump's part to avoid involvement in criminality with those folks.


  1. Sometimes people who are associated in some way with criminals are not themselves involved in criminal activity, and this seems to have been the case with Trump. Trump was a client and admirer of Roy Cohn, who was a Mafia lawyer (among other things). And according to Wikipedia, Sater was involved in business activity with the Trump Organization, although (as I recall) Trump has denied ever having met Sater. The Mueller-Weissman connection to Sater strikes me as much more interesting, as FBI informant Steele used FBI informant Sater as a source for his dubious dossier allegations. The use of an organized crime figure to smear the POTUS is particularly galling, but certainly not beneath Weissman, who seems to be Mueller's Roy Cohn.

  2. I agree Steve. Associating with those types while remaining above criminal activity takes a strong person. The fact that after 3 years of scrutiny, minimum, nothing untoward appears to have been discovered is quite remarkable from that standpoint.

  3. Just look how the Clintons tend to drag people down to their level.

  4. If Sater claimed that Trump asked Cohen to lie, and if Mueller says that Sater's claim was not accurate, then how credible would Sater be in Mueller's legal actions against Trump?