Sunday, February 24, 2019


So, CNN has published a piece by a former official in Obama's National Security Council--a current law professor--in which the former official, Joshua A. Geltzer, constructs a new anti-Trump narrative. In this narrative he asserts that there is an actual danger that Trump--if he should lose in 2020--would refuse to vacate the Oval Office. Therefore, Geltzer calls on 

"four key sets of governmental actors across the United States that can commit now to certain steps that would help to isolate President Trump should he refuse to hand over power peacefully."

Obviously, this is a call--two years ahead of any transition--to isolate President Trump now. Geltzer is proposing that the Electoral College, Congress, state governors and even the U.S. military should, effectively, assert ahead of an election that a sitting president and current candidate is a danger to the nation.

What's really going on here? I think it's a type of deflection technique. In the wake of the government shutdown shambles, Trump is polling better than ever; the public is widely supportive of his policies. The Russia Hoax has fallen flat and is largely perceived by the public to be an illegitimate politically motivated attack on the President. Further, with the McCabe revelations it's widely perceived that the FBI was involved in an actual attempted coup--an attempt to overthrow the results of a national election. The Left is now desperate to deflect attention from their won attempted coup and to direct public attention at Trump. But notice, as part of this technique they're making tin foil hat type allegations against Trump that, in fact, mirror what was going on during the 2016 election and the early months of the infant Trump administration. The difference is that to accomplish this, to direct the attention that is focused on the now patent crimes of the FBI and DoJ, the new narrative must be sensationalistic. It must be easier to assimilate than the complex maneuverings that are being uncovered at the FBI and DoJ. Thus, this latest desparate throw of the narratival dice.

Of course, there's more at stake here. It's quite clear that, while the FBI and DoJ where the lead elements in the coup effort, they were supported by a Deep State network throughout most of the leading departments and agencies of the Obama Administration, especially in the Intelligence Community. And most serious of all, this effort was coordinated with foreign intelligence services (also here, and passim) against the government and constitutional structure of the United States.


  1. Mr. Wauck,

    This is also an example of a psychological phenomenon known as projection.

  2. Joe, I see your point, but in context I would go for deflection because I think it's a conscious, planned thing, whereas projection would tend more towards an unconscious thing.

  3. I think that we're on the same page. I'm thinking that Geltzer is projecting his own self onto President Trump. I see a lot of projection by left wingers.

    John Brennan comes to mind......

    1. Oh, absolutely. They project their own motives on others constantly--their lust for power, etc.