Thursday, September 2, 2021

You're Not A Dog, Ya'll!

Start the day with a laugh:

Totally unrelated, but also gave me a good laugh. This knucklehead thought he was gonna change the world by leaking DIOG? He was obviously living in a complete fantasy world. Thought leaking DIOG would lead to a new Church Commission? As if the Church Commission didn't enable the modern Deep (National Security) State as we know it--the one that took out Trump--by establishing the partnership between the Legislative Branch and the Intel agencies:

‘I Helped Destroy People’


  1. The NYT article is an interesting read, both for its biases, as well as details about DOIG and how the FBI works.

    I am surprised since 9-11 at how few terrorist attacks there have been in the US. I’m not sure on how much it has been due to luck, lack of terrorist ability, or US law enforcement. The ones that have happened have been lone wolf actors.

    1. I think its lack of ability. Having the open border probably helps them more than anything.

    2. Right after 9/11, I told friends there wouldn't be anymore attacks like that for a long time, just based on the long-term operational aspects of it. Finding that many people who could live in a culture foreign to them, go to flight schools, etc. and maintain cover, stick to the plan that long, and actually carry it out (being fatal), is unbelievably difficult to do. This would be true in any culture, but in a third world culture, they really found a bunch of needles in a haystack! There's no way they could replace those people en masse or found another group like them once that tactic was on our radar. And, it should have been on our radar after the '93 WTC attack. Does anyone think even the CIA could succeed in the operational aspects of such an attack? No chance!

  2. Totally unrelated, this story gave me pause. I believe that we all had wondered about the “vetting” by Biden & Co:

    State Dept Admits The Majority of Afghans and SIVs Who Helped us Did Not Evacuate, So Who Are These 116,000 Afghans We Evacuated