Thursday, December 24, 2020

Pearl Harbor Or 9/11? Or Both?

If you have evidence that Russia committed the SolarWinds "hack," feel free to submit it. You'll be the first to do so publicly.

In the meantime, Lefty Glenn Greenwald has a witty article at Zerohedge: With Biden's New Threats, Russia Discourse More Reckless And Dangerous Than Ever. It's witty, but sad with regard to what it says about the state of the nation's psyche. Day to day, election to fake election, we seem to live from hoax to hoax.

Greenwald doesn't do brief articles, but here are a few excerpts:

To justify Hillary Clinton’s 2016 loss to Donald Trump, leading Democrats and their key media allies for years competed with one another to depict what they called “Russia’s interference in our elections” in the most apocalyptic terms possible. ...

This post-2016 mania culminated with prominent liberal politicians and journalists (as well as John McCain) declaring Russia’s activities surrounding the 2016 to be an “act of war” which, many of them insisted, was comparable to Pearl Harbor and the 9/11 attack ...


... Moscow’s alleged responsibility for the recently revealed, multi-pronged hack of U.S. Government agencies and various corporate servers is asserted — despite not a shred of evidence, literally, having yet been presented — as not merely proven fact, but as so obviously true that it is off-limits from doubt or questioning.

Any questioning of this claim will be instantly vilified by the Democrats’ extremely militaristic media spokespeople as virtual treason. “Now the president is not just silent on Russia and the hack. He is deliberately running defense for the Kremlin by contradicting his own Secretary of State on Russian responsibility,” pronounced CNN’s national security reporter Jim Sciutto, who last week depicted Trump’s attempted troop withdrawal from Syria and Germany as “ceding territory” and furnishing “gifts” to Putin. ...

Democrats (along with some Republicans long obsessed with The Russian Threat, such as Mitt Romney) are casting the latest alleged hack by Moscow in the most melodramatic terms possible, ensuring that Biden will enter the White House with tensions sky-high with Russia and facing heavy pressure to retaliate aggressively. Biden’s top national security advisers and now Biden himself have, with no evidence shown to the public, repeatedly threatened aggressive retaliation against the country with the world’s second-largest nuclear stockpile.

Congressman Jason Crow (D-CO) — one of the pro-war Democrats on the House Armed Services Committee who earlier this year joined with Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) to block Trump’s plan to withdraw troops from Afghanistan — announced: “this could be our modern day, cyber equivalent of Pearl Harbor,” adding: “Our nation is under assault.” The second-ranking Senate Democrat, Dick Durbin (D-IL), pronounced: “This is virtually a declaration of war by Russia."

Meanwhile, Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT), who has for years been casting Russia as a grave threat to the U.S. while Democrats mocked him as a relic of the Cold War (before they copied and then surpassed him), described the latest hack as “the equivalent of Russian bombers flying undetected over the entire country.” The GOP’s 2012 presidential nominee also blasted Trump for his failure to be “aggressively speaking out and protesting and taking punitive action,” though — like virtually every prominent figure demanding tough “retaliation” — Romney failed to specify what he had in mind that would be sufficient retaliation for “the equivalent of Russian bombers flying undetected over the entire country.”

For those keeping track at home: that’s two separate “Pearl Harbors” in less than four years from Moscow (or, if you prefer, one Pearl Harbor and one 9/11). If Democrats actually believe that, it stands to reason that they will be eager to embrace a policy of belligerence and aggression toward Russia. Many of them are demanding this outright, mocking Trump for failing to attack Russia — despite no evidence that they were responsible — while their well-trained liberal flock is suggesting that the non-response constitutes some form of “high treason.”

Indeed, the Biden team has been signalling that they intend to quickly fulfill demands for aggressive retaliation. The New York Times reported on Tuesday that Biden “accused President Trump [] of ‘irrational downplaying’” of the hack while “warning Russia that he would not allow the intrusion to ‘go unanswered’ after he takes office.” Biden emphasized that once the intelligence assessment is complete, “we will respond, and probably respond in kind.”

Here's the thing. Responding in kind really would constitute, by most measures, an act of war. And that "response" in kind would, I believe, be undertaken without any vote in Congress or any presentation of evidence--to what will almost certainly be nearly universal applause from our "representatives" and their media lapdogs.

Greenwald continues at great length. However, to my mind the weakness in his article is that he doesn't address the motivation behind the cultivation of paranoia in American politics. I say "cultivation" because I really do believe that this paranoia and its target--Russia--is being cultivated with malice aforethought and with specific goals in mind. Moreover, there is a very direct tie-in to the anti-Trump madness of the last four years and the Election Hoax we're still living through.

I maintain that the driving force behind the cultivation of anti-Russian paranoia is the Globalist movement that is driven by George Soros's Open Society Foundation and its virtually countless spin off organizations and astroturf "movements" like BLM and Antifa--not to mention the funding of so much of our political campaigns. This is a movement seeking world domination, and that domination can never happen without the US on board. Once you understand that the logic of Trump Derangement Syndrome becomes perfectly apparent. Trump's populist and nationalist MAGA agenda is a direct counter to Soros' Globalism, an existential threat to the Great Reset.

The focus on Russia follows the same logic. Vladimir Putin is, whatever else may be said, a Russian patriot who puts the interests of his homeland before all other interests. This is the explanation for the no holds bar efforts over the past four years to prevent any rapprochement between Russia and the US--between Trump and Putin. Indeed, as both Putin and Trump understood, the US and Russia actually have many strategic concerns in common. This is also the reason Trump had to be driven from the White House at any cost to our constitutional order--to prevent Trump and Putin finding that common ground. With the Election Hoax pulled off, as it appears, that danger to the Great Reset is soon to be eliminated, if our masters have their way.

Soros has long understood that Putin's Russia was the largest obstacle to his plans for a Great Reset. Which is to say, Putin WAS the largest obstacle until Trump came along with his MAGA agenda. To that point Soros had had the Bush-Clinton-Obama Uniparty more or less eating out of his hand. With their help, Soros was actively pushing the expansion of NATO into Ukraine as a bludgeon against Putin and Russia. Now, with high hopes that Trump will be removed, the party of the Great Reset--recall that the Biden campaign adopted the Great Reset slogan of "Build Back Better"--is already, before formal control, signaling the true agenda. The Covid Hoax will continue to be used to stifle political dissent as an aggressive move against Russian nationalist and populist opposition to the Great Reset is launched. All else will take a back seat.

Brace yourselves for what could be a very rough ride.


  1. I have been off the grid for a few days, so this may already have been covered. IMO, the SolarWinds "hack" has all the markers of an inside job.

    We are expected to believe that "hackers" got access to SWs security certificates & source code?

    Ok...but then got their Trojan through DEV & TEST..nobody noticed?

    Thats a stretch...but they then got through QA, Production builds AND configuration files for deployment...without anyone detecting it?

    ...for how many months?, no.

    We ran SolarWinds at the company I was with for 12 years, and like that commercial says, "thats not how this works...thats not how any of this works."

    The "hacker" cover story is a fabrication.

    In fact, there is virtually no way this was done by 1 person at SolarWinds: it would be a group, across departments.


  2. Would not surprise me to find Soros was behind the hacking.

    Rob S

  3. Once again a very astute analysis.
    Tom S.

  4. Mark, I fear you're making too much of the Soros angle, as opposed to the impact of other wheels.
    Seeing as Bezos has $186 bil., and Gates has $131 bil., while Soros has less than $8 bil., those guys could crush Soros like stepping onto a bug, if they so chose.
    He gets away with his antics, because those with more wealth/ power let him do so, probably because they have no real objections to his antics.
    Our big problems are, not the antics of one man, but a mentality which dominates the upper (and upper-middle) classes.

    1. Agreed the others are dilettantes, but they are fellow travelers. They have goals, but Soros is on a mission. They have quasi-religious megalomaniac delusions of saving Gaia from being sullied by Deplorable barbarians, but GS has a burning hatred for mankind and will hate on humanity with his dying breath. They are richer, but he has spent most of a lifetime organizing and manipulating with a particular goal in mind. I guessing GS scares the crap out of Bezos, Gates, and the rest of the kids Tom S.

    2. I think that $8B you see, is the tip of the iceberg.

      It's even not possible to use the name "Soros" in an MSM interview anymore. Recall Gingrich with Fox just prior to election? How about sudden investigations on Rudy right after he accused Soros publicly based on his interviews in Ukraine, and the backpedalling after that?

      Soros has become the untouchable, along with whatever group of powers he represents.

    3. " I guessing GS scares the crap out of Bezos, Gates, and the rest...."
      I don't believe that.
      More likely, they tolerate him, because, as you say, they share his quasi-religious megalomaniac delusions of saving Gaia.
      He just has more fire-in-belly about it.

  5. Here for their amusement, I guess....?

  6. Who was it that said: "No man, no problem"?

  7. @Mark "the motivation behind the cultivation of paranoia in American politics."

    You nailed it Sir, a boogie man is the key ingredient to every federal cake recipe.

  8. Soros seems to have been very strategic with his funding of leftist causes / candidates in the US. Secretary of states and DA’s were low cost, high impact investments that are having a huge impact. We got one in LA, unfortunately.

    Compare Soros results with Bloomberg’s billion dollar spend. Zuckerberg’s $500 million for Democratic voter turnout seems to have helped.

    Bezos bought the Washington Post.

    Steve Jobs widow bought the Atlantic.

    LinkedIn Founder is paying to defend fusion GPS.

    Dark Money seems to be 3X left funding, vs the right,

    And the left has an entire ecosystem to promote lawfare, that has a huge impact. Not much of that on the right.


  9. The 3 new justices will have the death of America on them. Chickenschiff hacks in power not abiding by the constitution is disturbing. Hard to believe we thought these 3 card monty pos were on our side. Conservatism is all done. Its all about protecting family at this point in history.
    Merry Xmass to all of you brave souls.

    An even worse condemnation will be the thousands upon thousands of lonely white crosses in fields across Europe that will forever stand in silent condemnation of their failure. To anyone who can imagine unspoken words, the voices of our fallen patriots will be loud and clear: we were willing to give our lives for freedom. could you not at least write a few words?

  10. I want to return to the SolarWinds intrusion and Russian involvement. Before we unleash Major "King" Kong and his fellow pilots to nuke the Russkies, I have a small request. After four years, there is no solid evidence that Putin/Russia directed the "hacking" of the DNC server in 2016. That should trouble everyone a great deal. My stack of papers dealing with the technical aspects is now several inches high. But let's leave them aside and mull over two events. The Mueller gang wouldn't go to the discovery phase in their prosecution of Concord Management and Sean Henry testified - under oath - that CrowdStrike did not actually detect exfiltration of files from the DNA server. CIA, DIA, NSA, FBI and so on can't - or won't - provide compelling evidence. The DNA "hack" would seem relatively simple compared to the SolarWinds intrusion. Before we launch ourselves into a real mess, let's stop repeating Cold War thinking at its most simplistic. In closing, I want to switch gears. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to you Mark, your family, and all the great folks who make this the best blog on the planet. Neil in SD

    1. The files getting to Wikileaks was probably Seth Rich. Hence the need to silence Assange with charges.

      Interesting the relative since over how Hillarys emails were hacked, probably by multiple countries including China. It does not fit the narrative, so it was downplayed.

    2. The SolarWinds story seems to have died down, thereby following the pattern of all anti-Trump (since is was Russia and DJT & V. Putin play golf together) stories in the media, Trump's taxes, the Moscow Trump hotel, big flashy opening, then fade to black. I'm starting to get very doubtful about what actually happened and the more Mike Pompeo blathers, the more skeptical I become.