Sunday, December 20, 2020

UPDATED: Election Hoax Aftermath

As usual I'll be heading out soon--worshipping the Creator in spirit and truth is a good thing even in bad times. Herewith, a few observations gleaned in the last few minutes.

The other day a reader reminded me of a story from Maricopa County, AZ, where the local officials are refusing to respond to a legislative subpoena to turn over the Dominion voting machines for an audit. I remarked to him that this illustrates the inherent weaknesses of our voting "system", which were unfortunately not foreseen by the Founding Fathers. Turning exclusive responsibility (but for the date) of elections over to the locals turned out to be a Bad Idea. The legislature has no credible way to enforce their subpoena, and the local authorities--having seen the results of an audit in Antrim County, MI--have every reason to not turn over the voting machines. Because they probably have an excellent idea of what would be found. 

Clarice Feldman (2020: The Year of the Big Fraud) sums up the intuitive conclusion that there was a Big Steal, and why a plurality of Americans aren't going to buy into the absurd alternative. I like the title, although my preferred expression is Hoax rather than fraud--I remarked the other day that the Trump years have been marked by a succession of Hoaxes:

Merriam Webster: Hoax definition is - to trick into believing or accepting as genuine something false and often preposterous.

Wikipedia: A hoax is a falsehood deliberately fabricated to masquerade as the truth. It is distinguishable from errors in observation or judgment, rumors, urban legends, ...

The distinction is that "hoax" refers to a pretend phenomenon rather than just some dishonest manipulation--although that certainly happened in conjunction with the hoaxes. Anyway, Clarice Feldman:

Election Fraud With No Apparent Judicial Relief

Many Americans -- according to some surveys, a majority -- believe that the presidential election was marred by massive fraud in five states without which the President would surely have been re-elected.

The short version of this disbelief in the integrity of the election results is this by Kenekoa the Great on the unrealistic belief that the frail, corrupt Joe Biden won:


When you win a record low 17% of counties, lose Black & Hispanic support, lose 18/19 Bellwether Counties, lose Ohio, Florida, & Iowa -- and lose 27/27 House "Toss-Ups" -- but you shatter the popular vote record

Roger Kimball rightly observes, in a strikingly subtitled article,

A Betrayal of American Freedom

It is a mournful, and usually sanguinary, alternative that awaits those who barter freedom for the simulacrum of normality.

that it is just such phenomena that convince him--beyond all the usual reporting--that this was a giant hoax, a simulacrum as it were of an election: an Election Hoax. And he warns those who advocate accepting the results of this hoax as normality--the usual Establishment suspects, but also confused persons of good will:

I fear that John Adams was right when, writing to his wife in 1775, he noted that while destroyed cities might be rebuilt and “a People reduced to Poverty, may acquire fresh Property,” a “Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty once lost is lost forever.” 

Many people, including some smart people of good will, are impatient with Donald Trump. They are impatient, above all, with the 2020 election. They want it to be over. They want to get on with “normal life.” They believe that ceding a stolen election to a geriatric talking mannequin represents normality because it wears a familiar face. In fact, it is terra incognita. Or, rather, it is unknown only in an American context. History provides us with many, many examples of what we may expect from acceding to such a betrayal of freedom. It is a mournful, and usually sanguinary, alternative that awaits those who barter freedom for the simulacrum of normality. I think that Donald Trump understands that. I am convinced that many of his 75 million supporters do, too. 

This is why my fervent hope is that Trump declines to solemnize an Inauguration Hoax. If it does, indeed, come to that. Do not barter away our freedom with a dishonest acceptance of unreality.

UPDATE: H/T TGP re Bill Binney's great tweet. Binney backs up the KanekoaTheGreat's more impressionistic expression of unbelief with some relatively simple math. Binney is working off a WaPo article. You can read a deeper dive at:

REVEALED: ‘Simple Math’ Shows Biden Claims 13 MILLION More Votes Than There Were Eligible Voters Who Voted in 2020 Election

Maybe disgraced soon-to-be-former AG Bill Barr can explain all this away.


  1. The fraud was over reach and there will be pushback. I see it as a strategic error by the Left and uniparty. And Trump is still President for at least a few more weeks...

    “ making him a martyr”

    1. The above article points out why the deep state will continue to pursue Trump and his family until they are wiped out of existence. History is written by the victors and if they prevail, there will be very little official mention of this past 4 years, and what will be mentioned will not be favorable to any kind of legacy. The lawsuits are being teed up as we speak. They know they need to destroy him - defeating him isn't nearly enough.

    2. "Deep state...continue to pursue Trump." Well, we must stand in the way. In the end, they are after all of us too.

    3. Yes, we are the targets, Trump is just in the way.
      Tom S.

    4. Well, yes, of course, its ultimately 'us' they are after. But there has been no one other than Donald J. Trump willing to meaningfully stand in their way. That's important.

    5. Cass, of course, very important.
      Had DJT not beaten Bastinda, we'd likely have known far less about how malevolent these folks really are.

    6. As it is, they keep on showing their colors, this time in cartoon form, see .

  2. Yes, Mark, but it would be better still if members of Congress did their duty and refused to certify the EC votes.Yes, it’s a long shot, a Hail Mary, as it were, and there is still the risk that it could all go down to defeat. But aren’t miracles just what this season is about? Oremus, and then Oremus again.

    1. Int'l $$/ gold markets "guru" FoFoA has interesting guesses on DJT's course, at (subscription only):

      > My guess is, that he’s had his eye on the week between Christmas and New Year, for at least a week now, as his window to make a big move.
      He’s probably got a few general ideas, which I would think may include the possibility of some high profile, news-grabbing arrests.
      So he probably approached AG Barr, knowing that Barr didn’t want to be involved, in anything that could be seen as partisan or political within the DOJ. Trump probably said, if you don’t want something like this on your watch, then you need to be out by Christmas....
      All he has to do is change the risk calculation for congressmen and senators to his favor, and then convince Biden and the Dems to save face and concede the election, in the face of evidence that’s so indisputable and so overwhelming that, if they don’t concede, any violence or bloodshed will be clearly on them.
      Seems like a tall order, but it’s not....
      He needs to do something, during the week between Christmas and New Year’s.
      He’ll look at all the very best evidence this weekend, lay out all of his options next week, for possible actions he could take the following week, that would be impossible for the media to ignore, and would change the congressional risk calculation in his favor...
      What will it be? I have no idea. My money would be on a couple of high profile *arrests*, and the surprise *confiscation* of some of the voting machines, but that’s just a guess. <

    2. Yes!! Exactly exactly my intuition. I think we've been waiting for it. Biden will slink away.
      Except I suspect there'll be violence anyway... revenge riots.

      Take it to the bank, as they say.


    3. FoFoA also discusses Sidney etc. going to see DJT at a hotel this week, to prep him for the huge decision, much of it aiming to limit the violence.
      My guess is, he's waiting for smoking-gun proof of ChiCom involvement with vote tabulation, or for dope on what Pelosi etc. knew of Swalwell etc.'s antics.

      I'm not ready to take anything to the bank, but my respect for Jen is such, that I lean toward betting that she's right, on the significance of how Barr and DJT parted.

    4. By "Pelosi etc.", I mean esp. Harris or the Bidens.
      Did anyone expect Axios to (be able to) come out so strong on, Swalwell and his squeeze?

    5. Why can't trump seize the ballots in the 5 cities where the majority of the fraud occurred ? Remember Jovan Pulitzer has the software to detect where a ballot was printed (China?); if it was folded and mailed; if it was filled in by ink pen or was it printed and was the signature printed ? I think we can find enough illegal ballots to flip the election. Why has no one talked about seizing ballots ?

  3. Oremus, indeed!! Introibo ad altare Dei, ad Deum qui laetificat juventutem meam!

  4. The Epiphany in Washington DC promises to be invigorating.

  5. Great article and analysis..

    “Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty once lost is lost forever.”

    THAT!!! That is the truth no one wants to accept!!!

    2020 has awoken many, but they are like newborns. The oversimplification and under education of where we are is a problem. The solutions I see given in comments are extraneous at best.

    Continuing to be a well armed polite society of mannered, fearful, law abiding citizens that keep believing in the facade will change nothing.

    Fight or surrender... Conservatives have to change or we die.

  6. Barr says no wrongdoing in spying on Trump -- Vindman and Cairamella will attain Sainthood under communist administration.

    1. That Binney update has my head spinning. If a person on the left were to counter it, he would have to say one or two numbers are wrong: registered voters (222 ml) or the percentage who voted (66.7%). But the percentage comes from WaPo, so that is unlikely to be wrong (in that they would never do anything to hurt JB).

      So it's registered voters. Can that 222 million number be verified? If it is right, we have gone from hoax to full-blown madness.

      What am I missing?

    2. Bill Binney knows math. The WaPo editors? Anyone disputing Binney better have their facts together.

    3. The Washington Post article referred to 66.2% As a share of the voting-eligible population. Did not say registered to vote. Could it be semantics? The only number I could find of actual registered voters was 213 million and "supposedly" 158 million were cast.

    4. Just confirmed my earlier hypothesis: this crap is hoax Twitter account!

      Here's the real Gen. Flynn's twitter account (blue check verified, dating back to 2011, not the fake on posting this election garbage that is unverified and created in August 2020.)

      real Gen. Flynn: >> <<

    5. Appologies!

      I got confused and mixed up Gen Flynn with Bill Binnie.

      Post in haste, repent in leisure.

    6. I'll have to include a warning on your comments, now. :-( :-)

    7. @ EZ

      "Post in haste, repent in leisure"

      What I wouldn't give for an edit button!!! 🤣

  7. The WP article says 66.2% of "voting eligible" US population voted.

    Not 66.2% of "registered voters." RVs are a subset of "eligible to vote" population.

    Binnie makes this claim:

    " (39)With 212Million registered voters and 66.2% voting, 140.344 M voted. Now if Trump got 74 M, that leaves only 66.344 M for Biden. These numbers don’t add up to what we are being told. Lies and more Lies! "

    >> <<

    Edison Project calculates 239,247,182 to be the US vote eligible population, but Binnie multiplies the VEP voting % time that he claims is the RV population.

    But the RV voting rate is not the same as the VEP voting rate.

    I have to ask: has anyone verified this is even Binnie's account? I suspect this may be a fake account to create chaos and confusion.

    >> <<

    Edison then uses POTUS ballots cast (158 million) to calculate the VEP voting % = 66.1%

    The question is where did Binnie get the 212 million VEP figure? There is a near 30 million difference in these figures.

  8. Supplemental comment: this is proof the TGP is garbage site; they got suckered by an obviously fake twitter account posting numbers that do not make sense, and which cannot be verified.

    It took me all of 5 minutes with a search engine to find the real twitter account of gen. Flynn, confirming the obvious suspicion that this election crap was a hoax account.

    WTF is TGP's problem? Can't they be bothered to fact check twitter twaddle before being bamboozled by hoaxsters?

    This is I never trust anything from TGP, CTH, or any of the even worse clip-bait gutter sites.

    1. Ignoring, for the moment my embarrassing conflation of Blll Binney and Gen. Flynn, I still suspect the Binney twitter account is a hoax.

      Circumstantial evidence in support of this hypothesis is:

      1) I just reviewed the twitter account of Thomas Drake, who worked with Binney at NSA, and was the victim of a whistelblower witchhunt.

      I cannot find a single link from any of Tom's tweets to/from Binney's twitter account.

      2) i did the same for Ray McGovern's twitter account; he and Binney are both members of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, and have appeared together on occasion addressing intelligence overreach. As with Drake's account, there's no link at all between McGovern's and any Binney account, including the one I suspect to be fake.

      My suspicion is that the real William Binney does not have ANY Social Media accounts.

      Also, Elections are outside his technical expertise area, and I find it odd that he would wade into an issue like that, and make the sort of mistake that is in the tweet that putatively was written by him.

      In short, it has the look/feel of a hoax, and none of the people who would most likely have social media connections to him appear to have any.

    2. "My suspicion is that the real William Binney does not have ANY Social Media accounts."
      Why should he?
      He can publish major posts any time he wants, e.g. at Consortium, where, *today*, VIPS published an exhortation to Biden on Russia policy, signed by Binney (& many others).

    3. And, there's not a peep about this voting stuff at this post .
      Jeez, nowadays, we just can't be *too* careful about sourcing.

  9. The Trump campaign has been busy today filing against Pennsylvania and, in effect John Roberts' ill conceived vote with the liberals, challenging the change to PA law and voting standards without legislative concurrence.


    1. Curious to see what excuse SCOTUS will come up with this time.

    2. I believe the only time the Supreme Court involved itself proper in a presidential election was Bush v Gore.

      They will not do it again.

      The Supreme Court is not an equal partner in our government. The only enforcement mechanism it has is the acceptance of the other 2 branches. Once that is gone, it’s relevance is gone.

  10. Meanwhile, rise of white Christian nationalism is deemed a national security threat by democrats:

    1. For more "national security" agitProp vs. White Supremacism, see .
      Aero is part of the IDW, but it also draws SJWs.
      This post has lively critiques from sane folks.

  11. Blogger Jim Kunstler thinks that Trump does have the evidence of widespread ballot fraud. And, Kunstler says, Trump intends "to use it after four years of being remorselessly fucked around by his antagonists".

    A very interesting read:

    1. Cass, he's always worth a read, but I don't know that he has any more reason than any of us, to bet that DJT has the evidence of widespread fraud.
      JHK is quite good for overviews (esp. for novices), but I don't see him as having inside dope.

    2. Don't disagree. I found the 'courage' in his overview heartening.

    3. Cass, he's been teeing-off, e.g. on the Dems sucking up to SJWs, for at least 4 years (even while mocking DJT as "the Golden Golem of Greatness), and has been quite good on Spygate etc. for at least the last 2.

    4. @Cassander

      I just don't believe it. We've been getting this 4 dimensional chess business for years now. It was nothing. Trump had his hands full just keeping himself from getting shot by a 'trusted" aide.

      My issue with voter fraud. A lot of allegations, very little by way of proof (which we may never get). For example, those cities that stopped counting (but didn't--it took what, two weeks to figure that out?), which looked suspicious.

      My understanding is that mail-in ballots are counted last. If so, that might explain how we went to bed with DJT ahead and woke up with Biden as president, since mail-ins were going heavily for Biden. So: are mail-in ballots counted last? If they aren't, then this line of defense against voter fraud collapses. Has it?

      I'm as skeptical as the next guy. I find it hard to believe Biden got the percentages he did and received 82 million votes. Yet we have to admit it's possible he won.

      Trump has been getting clobbered in court. Now, that may be due to his approach, too many tendrils, too seemingly disorganized, it may even be because the judiciary is corrupt.

      It may also be because there's nothing there. On that front, Sidney Powell has been a crushing disappointment. Let's hope she wins in court against Dominion and Smartmatic.

    5. @Titan

      So many questions!

      Titan, I'm a(n ex-)lawyer and, while I have political feelings, I'm inclined to wait on and then review the evidence both sides put forward in election cases. Then decide.

      In the meantime, its hard not to at least credit the arguments made in the (dismissed) Texas case and the dissents in the Michigan Supreme Court case that state laws and constitutions, as well as the United States Constitution, were violated in accepting and counting irregular mail in ballots. Its hard to tell whether there was electronic fraud through Dominion machines at this point, but it would be nice if those alleging this kind of fraud have their 'day in court' before a new president is inaugurated.

    6. @Titan, @Cassander
      Does anyone have a reliable synopsis of all the court cases?

      I know Trump has been getting crushed, but it would be helpful to understand some specifics about the cases. Some of the judges have been Obama (or Clinton) judges, but obviously some of them aren't. The PA case's pleading got eff'd up (per SWC) when the original lawyers dropped out. Etc...

      I think we\re in a lose-lose-lose situation, which the Dems surely anticipated when they gamed this out, namely as follows:

      1) it takes time to develop really good cases; there is no time

      2) while there are many affidavits attesting to bad and even illegal conduct (and of course not all affidavits are equally serious), the real evidence (machines, ballots, mail-in envelopes) is held by the perpetrators; from what I've heard, one small county in Michigan is the only place where machines have actually been inspected, and I haven't heard of any envelopes being inspected. Is this right?

      3) Sidney Powell made a big deal early on about how "preponderance of evidence" was the standard on which these fraud cases should be judged. Not being a lawyer, I accept her statement at face value; however, I suspect that most judges, including originalist judges, will require a much higher standard, even greater than 'reasonable doubt,' to vacate votes. The expression "between a rock and a hard place" doesn't even begin to describe this one.

      I take Sidney Powell very seriously. I don't have enough info to express disappointment in her. However, I suspect that her cases probably need access to the machines. To that end she may have engaged in bombast in hopes of drawing out a lawsuit that would facilitate discovery. Fat chance. These people aren't stupid. At least, not in that way.

      I am, however, weary of constantly hearing 'this is it' or 'the big one is about to land.' The Dyer articles paint an exciting background for possible actions, but I get no hint (not that I expect to) that Trump really has some massive play up his sleeve. The clock is ticking. Many would say it has finished ticking.

    7. Mistcr, for continually updated (now, as of 20 Dec.) synopses of the court cases etc., see .

    8. My feeling - and hope - is that Sidney is saving all of the actual proof for the an actual hearing. I believe that when she rebuffed Tucker begging her for 'proof and evidence' of what she was claiming, it was to prevent giving away to much of what she had too soon. We will see I guess, but after hearing her push back on Systematic after Newsmax and Bartiromo and Dobbs aired the 'rebuttal' on what they were reporting, I believe Newscorp and whoever owns NewsMax forced their reporters to fold in an effort to avoid a potential suit. Neither Sidney or Wood can afford to go to court for long, and the fact they doubled down on 'bring it on' is very encouraging to me. Unless they have completely lost their minds on the Systematic and Dominion machine issues, I have to think they have what they consider to be irrefutable evidence.

  12. Tweets about today's W.H. mtg.; segments from page of Patrick Byrne:

    > Ross Falconer
    ·Dec 20, 2020
    Replying to @PatrickByrne
    I figured. Surely he’s in control though Patrick? Can’t he just ignore them? @PatrickByrne

    Patrick Byrne
    He’s too nice. There were three men *caught in lies* right in front of his face. If I had been he, there are three men I would’ve fired on the spot. General Counsel Pat *Cippolone* wants him to lose and is *lying* to him. 100% sure.
    1:40 PM · Dec 20, 2020
    Orange square
    Large orange diamond
    Musical score
    Orange square
    Replying to

    Pat Cipollone grew up in the Bronx - so that might be why President Trump trusts him - but Cipollone also worked for Barr which might explain why he's allegedly sabotaging President Trump <

  13. Byrne today tweeted his belief, that Pat Cipollone has been fired.



      Mostly Lefty outlets...


    Excellent article by Steve McCann at American Thinker. I am more inclined to believe that rather than leading us into a Marxist nirvana, Biden (if inaugurated) will discover he is hopelessly compromised and unable to govern. As Victor Davis Hanson has predicted

    Biden is far more likely find himself confronting Nemesis (the goddess of divine retribution and revenge) than Nike (the goddess of victory).

    1. You may want to read this:

      I'm probably not as sanguine. I regard most of my suburban neighbors as sh*theads.

    2. Yup. I would add the issues raised in the powerline article to the list above.

      As for your suburban neighbors, I'd like to think that they are clueless. My guess is that the multiple failures I expect from the Biden administration will help clue them in.

    3. Yeah Mark, would I be right to guess, that your suburban neighbors are mostly Clerisy, as opposed to Yeomanry?
      Mirengoff, on:
      "It’s difficult to overstate how much he is hated by the suburbanites I know."
      Well, if these folks still get their Weltanschauung from the MSM, they'll see any subsequent GOP nominee
      in similar ways.