Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Who Thought This Was A Good Idea?

I mean, to have Hillary come out and trash Bernie? I assume that the major effect that Hillary's involvement could have is that if Bernie is denied the Dem nomination, some significant portion of his backers will believe that the nomination was stolen--again.

This comes as CNN is doing its best to obscure the fact that Sanders is leading the Dem pack, all howling at the moonbats:

Sanders supporters took issue with the fact that despite the Vermont senator's three point advantage over former Vice President Joe Biden, 27% to 24%, CNN in its headline declares that "Bernie Sanders surges to join Biden atop Democratic presidential pack" rather than acknowledging the lead. The network adds in the article that Sanders and Biden are "in a two-person top tier above the rest of the field." 
The disconnect between the Sanders lead — which is just within the 3.4 point margin of error — and the framing of CNN's piece on the poll was noticed by progressives and journalists.  
"The title of the article makes it sound like it's a tie," said Sanders surrogate Shaun King. "It isn't." 
Law and Crime reporter Colin Kalchember also took aim at CNN for not declaring Sanders in the lead. "CNN still cannot fathom stating the obvious here: Sanders is leading in their own national poll," said Kalchember. "Self parody."

Sanders also leads a new poll out Wednesday from crucial Super Tuesday state California, besting Biden by 28% to 24%, and gained on the former vice president in Morning Consult's weekly early-state polling.

Seems like a very bad idea to have Hillary trashing Bernie.


  1. Backing your point, in his way, is Taibbi, at .
    Concluding para:

    "Sanders now looks poised to receive the same kind of bump Trump got in 2016 from media stupidity. As was the case this past summer, when the Bezos-owned Washington Post went so far as to put the term “corporate media” in quotation marks, while denouncing Bernie’s “BOGUS media beef,” the institutional dismissal has been so over-the-top, that it’s likely to earn him sympathy even with disinterested parties. Is there a word for propaganda in reverse?"

    1. Pretty funny:

      the Bezos-owned Washington Post went so far as to put the term “corporate media” in quotation marks,

    2. The truly sad part about this is that millions of American voters, many if not most of them with college degrees, have fallen for the warmed over Stalinist nonsense of this old fraud from VT.

      He's not going to win, so I'm not alarmed. But this is what $74K per year at a major American university gets you: abject stupidity.

      On another front, Taibbi is a mixed bag. He's not one for logic, and while I appreciate his vampire squid business, as well as his overall attempt to retain some intellectual honesty, what he knows about investment banking would get agoraphobia inside a thimble.

  2. As Hillary has NOT disappeared from public life, she clearly wants back in. In her bubble, she's a viable candidate. When the convention is deadlocked (Sanders, Biden, Warren) with no clear winner, Hillary will be there to be drafted by unanimous acclaim.

    (PS: I get a mental block when I try to remember Liz Warren's name. Former Congresswoman Liz Holtzman keeps popping up in my head. The resemblance is striking--blonde colored/highlighted hair, minimalist wire-rimmed glasses, hectoring style. Another over-promoted woman pol.)

  3. Bernie does NOT have a lead in the poll. When the difference between two candidates is less than the MOE of the poll, it is a statistical dead heat.

    In layman's terms, a "tie."

    The journos, and the campaign people, are basically innumerate.

  4. Sorry; need to correct my last post: if two candidate's polling difference is less than TWICE the MOE, it is a statistical dead heat.

    1. Nevertheless, the point is that in normal reporting statistical niceties are not observed. The person with the slightly higher number is placed in first place. Further, since Bernie came from a position behind (even if that position was also a "tie") there is movement being measured--a "surge".

      The point is that Bernie is being treated differently than others. That is not lost on Bernie's supporters and they rightly resent it.

  5. My guess is Hillary was just settling some slight she felt from Bernie. She seems to never forget a wrong.

  6. Let's see how far Tulsi gets in her suit against Hillary.

    Can only work in Tulsi's favor.