Friday, January 24, 2020

What's The Point Of Being A Dictator?

I mean, if a dictator can be voted out of office, why would anyone bother? Impeachment Theater has reached it's destination: Theater of the Absurd:

No wonder people like John Hinderaker are asking: What If They Gave an Impeachment and No One Came?

The Democrats are getting their anti-Trump headlines, of course, but once again, there is little evidence that anyone cares. This isn’t surprising: on the list of reasons why we should evict from office a duly elected President, “He didn’t give military aid to Ukraine for a while, and then he did” ranks near the bottom. 
The polls offer no evidence that voters are impressed by the Democrats’ performance. At Rasmussen Reports, Trump stands at 49% approval/49% disapproval, pretty much where he always does. 
Then, too, the Democrats are playing without an endgame. There is no possibility of getting a 2/3 vote in the Senate, and never has been. So what will be the reaction of persuadable voters, when the whole impeachment farce turns out to be a colossal waste of time? Presumably those few who ever believed that what is happening in the Senate is serious will also see it as serious when the Democrats lose. It is hard to see this as a positive outcome for the Democrats. 
Don’t despair, though. Somewhere in the bowels of the House of Representatives, Democrats are already hard at work, preparing their second term articles of impeachment.


  1. Inquiring minds would like to know.... if he's a "dictator," why is he allowing windbags like Nadler and Schiff to Impeach him and put him on trial in the Senate?

    Why didn't he just order "off with their heads" like the Red Queen?

    He can't be much of a dictator is he allows pompous goons like Nadler and Schiff to smear him. In this sense, Nadler and Schiffs "dictator" allegation is self-refuting -- the mere fact they were able to make the charge -- without being hauled away in chains, or beaten with truncheons -- proves that it cannot be true.

    1. Why?

      It's Trump the genius playing 3-D chess with the Dems. He's giving the windbags the rope with which to hang themselves so he--Trump the dictator--doesn't have to do it.

      If Trump ordered "off with their heads," it would reveal Trump as an actual dictator, rather than the virtual dictator he is.

      See? That's how powerful Trump is--he's getting others to do it for him--like magic! Which makes him even more dangerous than an actual dictator--so he has to go.

      I know--it sounds insane, which is a prerequisite for viewing this spectacle.

      Now, back to your regular programming...

    2. But didn't Trump reveal himself as an actual dictator by telling senators their heads would be on pikes if they didn't do what he told them to do? I believe that because, well, I dunno ...

    3. My rumors are facts--your facts are just rumors...

      I think that's how this works. ;-)

  2. Nadler is just frustrated he can't "dictate" to the MSM(who no one believes) the "official" narrative.

  3. Now do the Democrat presidential wannabes. The once upon a time typical campaign phrase of, “I’ll work with Congress to …” has been banished from the stump. All we hear is, “I’ll do this…, I’ll do that....” not even a pretense of representative cooperation. No wonder grass-roots organizers view establishing and filling concentration camps as a reasonably necessary result of success in their efforts.

    Maybe that is what really ticks off the Democrats about Trump – that he, like his efforts as a racist and anti-Semite, is a dismal failure as an American Stalin/Mao/Castro. So much losing! In areas that are as natural as breathing to Democrats.
    Tom S.