Friday, June 14, 2019

HUGE? Flynn's Full Legal Team Shows Up

I want to be clear right up front. I can't claim to expertise regarding defense tactics, and especially not at this level. The reason I added the question mark--HUGE?--is because the exact significance of this news is unclear. Sidney Powell is the only attorney for Flynn whose name appears on the filing that requests an extension of Flynn's sentencing in the case before Judge Sullivan. It appears at this stage that the three additional attorneys will represent Flynn in the separate case in the Eastern District of Virginia. That case is against Flynn's former partner, and Flynn will be a witness in that case as part of his cooperation with Team Mueller. OTOH, the cases are closely related and I would have to assume that there will be cooperation between all the attorneys representing Flynn. The fact that such a high profile legal ethics expert as Hodes is part of the team is, I think, suggestive.

That said ...

Politico's Darren Samuelsohn, in a series of tweets, reports that Sidney Powell is only one of Flynn's new attorneys. Per Gateway Pundit:

The team consists of new members — Jesse Binnall, Philip John Harvey & W. William Hodes, along with Sidney Powell — to represent him in his ongoing case. 
These attorneys have entered notices of appearance in the EDVA case against Flynn’s former business partner where Flynn is expected to testify.

W. William Hodes is the author of “Law and Lawyering” a nationally recognized treatise on legal ethics that is updated annually. Hodes was a member of the Advisory Council to the American Bar Association’s Ethics 2000 Commission.

This should keep Robert Mueller and his far left “pitbull” Andrew Weissmann up at night.

Per Samuelsohn at Politico:

Darren Samuelsohn

 48m48 minutes ago 
Michael Flynn’s combative new lawyer [Powell] joined federal prosecutors Friday to call for another 2-month delay before sentencing the former Donald Trump national security adviser for lying to the FBI about his conversations with a top Russian official.   
NEW: Michael Flynn's new lawyer [Powell] joins government prosecutors in seeking a 60-day punt until their next status report to line up the former Trump aide's sentencing. By that time, they expect Flynn's cooperation in a separate trial will be done.  
Flynn's new attorney, W. William Hodes, is also quoted in this '17 @VOANews story defending Jay Sekulow's representation of both President Trump & an American pastor jailed in Turkey. Sekulow had been lobbying Trump for help to free the pastor. 
Per the @AP another of Flynn's new attorneys, W. William Hodes, worked as a 1996 clerk for Ruth Bader Ginsberg. 
Per the @AP one of Michael Flynn's new lawyers, Jesse Binnall, testified as a parliamentarian expert witness in Virginia on behalf of the Trump campaign in July 2016 as it fretted over a potential delegate revolt at the RNC later that summer in Cleveland. 
JUST IN: Michael Flynn's new legal team is more than Sidney Powell. Several more attorneys -- Jesse Binnall, Philip John Harvey & W. William Hodes -- have entered notices of appearance in the EDVA case against Flynn's former business partner where Flynn is expected to testify.

The big question: Will any or all of these three new attorneys continue representing Flynn once his testimony in the EDVA is finished? Powell now has access to the full record in Flynn's case--will she be consulting (especially) with Hodes?

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