Friday, June 28, 2019

BEAUTIFUL: Nadler's Jerry-mander

David Marcus has a nice article at The Federalist today: Jerry Nadler Represents A District Gerrymandered To Capture White Voters.  For anyone who knows New York, the map alone tells the story. But, here's the explanation:

In the map below you can see [the] circuitous pattern [Nadler's district forms], but only New Yorkers will understand why it takes the path that it does. One hint is that his district is 72 percent white.

It starts in Southern Brooklyn, in a mostly white Democratic neighborhood called Bensonhurst, then  dances a slender line through more conservative Bay Ridge, then up the mostly white Democrat Brooklyn coast of the East River, skips Chinatown to capture the Financial District, Chelsea, and the Upper West Side — all enclaves of, you guessed it, mostly white Democrats.

And yet Dems will tell you they're against racial gerrymanders.


  1. That's fabulous! His district formerly constituted the entirety of the West Side/Upper West Side. I knew it had been rejiggered further downtown, but that snake into Brooklyn is precious. Bensonhurst was at one time heavily Jewish and Italian.

    1. Yep, that tiptoeing along the Brooklyn coast before darting inland to avoid Bay Ridge and get to the safety of Bensonhurst.

  2. Only two things required to be in the limo-lib club, more money than good sense and zero self-awareness.