Friday, September 3, 2021

NEW UPDATE: RSS Feed For Meaning In History

Don't ask me why Substack hides this, but for those--like me--who use RSS readers, this is what you want:

UPDATE: I spoke too soon. While that address will fetch the titles of items, 

1) I can't mark them as read, and 

2) the items don't appear to link to anything--i.e., if I double click on them they don't open in a browser tab/window.


NEW UPDATE: I just tried the substack feed in my RSS reader (Akregator) this morning and it's working perfectly now. As far as I can tell the restart did the trick.


  1. Mark, FYI: I am using Inoreader for my RSS feeds. I added your feed as per above and can view and select your posts, can mark them as read or unread after selecting them, and can launch the full Substack post by clicking on the post title in the Inoreader window. I am sure this functionality will vary per RSS reader but it seems to be working fine for me. Hope that helps.

  2. That's the same feed that QuiteRSS discovered when I added your substack and it works normally for the two cases you list.