Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Chicom Leader Xi: Watch Out For Infected Foreigners!

A few months after the PRC infected the world with the novel Wuhan virus, President Xi of China--having expelled troublesome Western reporters--is warning that Covid-19 could be reintroduced to China by infected foreigners. This appears to be part of an effort to distance China's rulers from responsibility--at least domestically--since claims to have eradicated the virus in China were always dubious. China has been putting out reports claiming that the US Army is responsible for the Wuhan virus, and now--with reports of new cases popping up--China is attempting to convince its people that foreigners and their poor response are responsible for any further recurrence. Hopefully the world is taking note of this disgraceful conduct.

From Zerohedge--Coronavirus Cases Pass 200k After Record Jump In Confirmations As China, South Korea Report Sudden Resurgence:

One day after Chinese health officials reported just a single case of Covid-19 that was transmitted domestically, President Xi has warned that "inbound" cases of the virus - ie foreigners traveling to China who are already infected - are placing China at risk for reinfection. So, after China infected the world, President Xi is warning that the world might soon reinfect China. 
Overnight, Hong Kong reported 14 new confirmed cases - its largest single-day jump - after new cases slowed to a trickle in recent weeks. According to the SCMP [South China Morning Post], all except one of those cases was a foreigner bringing the virus back to HK. 
Singapore and Taiwan, which were widely praised for acting swiftly to stamp out the virus via mandatory closures, travel restrictions and - as the NYT explained in a story published Wednesday morning - swiftly tracing and isolating contacts of the recently diagnosed. In South Korea, a spate of new clusters around densely populated Seoul has raised fears about another runaway outbreak, per the SCMP
The KCDC reported 93 new cases on Wednesday, up from 84 a day earlier and 74 on Monday. The new cases took the total infection caseload to 8,413.

To say the least, this news from Korea is alarming and illustrates the difficulty of getting the Wuhan virus under any control. Korea was among the leaders in dealing with this crisis and seemed to have handled it. This is the challenge facing a world that is way behind the curve.

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