Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Reminder: New Home

Just a reminder that meaning in history has a new home (with initial caps)--this is where new content will appear. This link will take you directly to the archive of all posts. I wish it could be broken down by year/month, but:

As you'll see if you go back a bit in the archive, while all prior posts were imported, 1) not all embedded content appears as in the original, and 2) comments were not imported.

If you subscribe to this substack--which you can do for free--new posts will be emailed directly to you as they appear. That may prove more convenient. I have no plans to try to monetize this.

Alternatively, there is an RSS feed available if you use a feed reader:

For me that required a restart of the application to get it working correctly.



  1. Mark, thanks for this information about your new home. Much gratitude for your continued selfless effort to sift through and distill massive amounts of rapidly evolving information into focused and understandable words. Splat

  2. If I have been a subscriber and received this notice, do I need to do anything....I want to continue getting your great info....thanks.

    1. Follow the link:

      There will be a "Subscribe" button. Click on it and follow the directions. You will then receive new posts via email.