Thursday, April 29, 2021

The Institutionalization Of Hypochondria

That's the term that Dr. Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford Medical School uses to describe what has been inflicted on the American people via the Covid hoax. He describes this, and addresses other matters as well, in a nine minute interview at Just The News:

Stanford prof: CDC has sown 'fear and panic,' paved way for 'institutionalization of hypochondria'

"It's going to be very difficult to undo" the public fixation on "disease avoidance" provoked by public health agency's COVID hypervigilance, said Jay Bhattacharya.

Here's a transcript of the relevant part of the interview:

Sophie Mann: Talking about fear, and being scared, do you think that the American public's understanding and attitude toward disease in general has changed over the last year? It seems like there's a lot more fear of a lot more things at this point, and the boundaries of American life, especially with an administration like the Baiden administration which has been so--in some cases--overly cautious about restrictions around the coronavirus. It seems like the attitude toward everyday life and the risk of contracting anything could really be on the rise in a permanent fashion in this country. Is that what you're seeing, and--if so--how do you think we should go about counteracting that?

Jay Bhattacharya: I mean, I am seeing that. I'm calling that the institutionalization of hypochondria. We basically have said, Look, the avoidance of disease is the central problem in your life--no matter who you are. It [the central problem in your life] is not taking care of your kids, it's not practicing your faith, it's not doing as well as you can in your profession--none of that is as important as avoiding disease. That's the message we've sent the American public for the last twelve months, fourteen months or so. And I think it's going to be very difficult to undo that. I do think people yearn to return to normal life and I think, given what we've seen, in the trends in the United States, that is gonna happen, it just will be slower to undo the harm that we've done to the American populace by creating this fear over the last fourteen months.

From Bhattacharya's Wikpedia page: 


Jay Bhattacharya (born 1968 in Kolkata, India) is a professor of medicine at Stanford University and a research associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research. He directs Stanford's Center for Demography and Economics of Health and Aging. Bhattacharya's research focuses on the health and well-being of populations, with a particular emphasis on the role of government programs, biomedical innovation, and economics.

Most recently, Bhattacharya has focused his research on the epidemiology of COVID-19 and evaluation of the various policy responses to the epidemic. He is a co-author of the Great Barrington Declaration, a document proposing a relaxation of social controls that delay the spread of COVID-19.



  1. ThIs fear generation has given all the world’s governments avenues to control us in a myriad of ways.

    You really think the war on meat that resurfaced is accidental?

    Or the soon to be banned menthol cigarettes?

    Everything that can be feared due to our “general welfare” will be used against us to “set us free.”

    Historical and Constitutional references on purpose.

    1. I believe this is all overreach that will backfire.

    2. For what it’s worth, the “you” in my response was the general you, not you specifically, Mark.

      Mea culpa.

    3. I agree, Mark. You can't control all of the people all of the time, to coin a phrase. There will many more "squirters"(SOG term)than they ever planned on.


    4. @ TD, I didn't take it that way.

      @ 0311, my view too. It's messy, like most of human life. Right now I'm only looking at the short term.

    5. @TD; the ban on menthol cigarettes is where I draw the line. I'm ready for war.

  2. Speaking of government 'control', and, implicitly, the authority of the Elites, they've completely lost me.

    I no longer care what they say, nor what they think. They've lied to me too many times. I don't care how smart they are. I don't care if they went to Harvard or Yale. I don't want their advice or suggestions. I don't trust what they tell me about Russia or China. I don't trust what they tell me about the Middle East. I don't trust what they tell me about race or racism, or terrorism, or national security. I don't believe them when they tell me who our enemies are. I don't trust how they enforce the law. I don't want to watch their movies or read their newspapers or send my children to their schools.

    They have no credibility with me. I don't respect them. I'm tired of being lied to. I don't care if they're right or even whether they might be right. I'm not listening. Its probably why I didn't turn on the tv last night.

    At this point I'd rather be wrong than listen to them. I'll make up my own mind and if it comes to it, make my own mistakes.

  3. I dont see it as hypochondria but a fear that someone else may spread an unseen/unknown disease in which these hypochondriacs believe will be spread to them unless everyone is wrapped up in face diapers.

    fear of unknown thru asymptomatic spread is the false reason we all fell for along with the flatten the curve BS.

    1. Nah; they've instilled this "fear" in the majority of the hearts and minds of Americans. It's like luggage now. It's in the closet ready to be used whenever you need it.

  4. I have had some issues with the Pfizer vaccine, but can't determine if it good or bad. let me start out by disclosing my medical issues: Diabetes, COPD and atrial Fibralation. I got the vaccine at the Wilmington, DE VAMC in February 2021.

    Straight after getting the shot the following things occured: Shortness of breath, elevated blodd glucose level and painful hip joint. These issues lasted 3 days then went away.

    Jump forward to this week. Tuesday I woke up to shortness of breath( tho not as bad) Sore hip join, tremors, and general tiredness. The next day all were gone except the tremors. Wednesday greeted me with an elevated pulsr of 113, it usually is 60. Even tho it was elevated, there was no loss of sinus rhythm. Thursday they were gone or back to normal but was greeted wit a case of staph infection on stomach (had before) It was bright red and warm to the touch. Today going to doctor's office noticed the redness almost all gone and heat from infection greatly reduced.

    I am still trying to process this. Is the vaccine generating the issues and then responding to them or is the vaccine just doing its job.

    Rob S

    1. Thanks for sharing, as they say. You seem to fall pretty clearly within the the category that's considered "at risk" from Covid. The questions you raise are questions that are supposed to get answered during the normal testing period for vaccines. As it is, we're all part of an experiment and I doubt that an honest doctor would tell you that he has the answers to all your questions. As with so many things in life, you end up playing the percentages, as best you can determine them.

    2. On the jab, Denninger keeps on plugging, today e.g. w/ facts on cross-immunity, and charts on the history of vaccine deaths, etc., see .

      On the bug on the Diamond Princess:
      < We knew in March of last year, that not everyone was susceptible to severe disease and death. We knew it because a cruise ship full of old, fat, morbid people, of which nearly every cruise ship is on a wildly over-represented basis, didn't have everyone on board drop like flies.
      Yes, some people got sick and a few died. But nowhere near everyone got sick, and even fewer died. Indeed, only about *one in five* got sick.
      We didn't know why everyone wasn't susceptible to clinical disease or worse, but we knew this factually in March of 2020.... >

      On why 81% of the population of the planet has cross-immunity, and how so-called "experts" deny it exists, despite hard, scientific proof:
      < Adaptive cross-immunity only comes, from your immune system fighting off some infection. We all have done it since we were infants; indeed, the reason breast milk is a superior means of feeding a baby is, that the mother passes to her infant a wildly-effective and supercharged bolster of antibodies, a "primer" if you will, in the first feedings which are called "colostrum." <

    3. And, on vaccine death stats:
      < here is the table of all deaths associated with *any* vaccine, including flu vaccines, from January of 2020 through today, a period of 16 months.

      Incidentally the next-most-common is the influenza (flu) shot, with a grand total of..... *23* associated deaths.
      May I remind you, that we preferentially give flu shots to older, more-morbid people, yet the flu shot almost never is associated with their death.

      Still think these shots are "safe", when *96%* of all vaccine associated deaths, from 2020 to today, are from the Covid-19 shots, and those only cover *four months'* time, out of 16 months total?

      Here's how you reproduce the "all time" chart, since I don't expect you to believe me.

      Go to
      Agree to their disclaimer.
      Click VAERS Data Search
      Group Results By Vaccine Type
      Scroll down to "Event Category", and select Death
      Click SEND
      Then click the green DOWN ARROW on the results table, to order it from the largest number of reports to smallest. Note that this is for all time, since VAERS was instituted, yet the Covid shots are only 4 months old.

      To get the graph click CHART
      Select "PIE" for CHART TYPE
      Click the box for WIDTH (so you can see the percentages) and enter "1024"
      Click CHANGE CHART

      To get just the 2020-2021 data, go back to the original ("Request Form"), and change the DEATH DATE toward the bottom, then click SEND, and re-do the chart.
      This is not my data. It is the *CDC's* data..... >

  5. You're missing everything.

    >Dr Frank reviews the data that were presented in the Antrim, Michigan case, prosecuted by Matt DePerno.

    1. Not actually missing it. I've said quite recently that a successful AZ could lead to further state audits--against the will of establishment GOP that was complicit. But AZ is currently out front. Everyone knows what happened.

    2. My one, possibly ignorant question about Dr. Frank's video: what accounts for the near perfect matchup with an algorithm? He suggests the results are too good (1.00/.99) for humans. So where/how is it done? Are we talking Dominion voting machines?

  6. “Institutionalization of hypochondria” that’s perfect — many are definitely obsessed with germs and disease now to the point of denying themselves living real life ... that’s a tragedy in multiple ways. Risk has always been there but they ignored it before and now obsess over it. Neither is good.

    1. Talking about germaphobes. My sister works for state of delaware. He is an obsessive germaphobe. On day a girl who works there came in with a "cold". Naturally it turned out to be covid. Of the 40 people in the office covid found the one germaphobe in the office, my sister, to infect. No one else got it.

      Rob S