Sunday, May 24, 2020

Undercover Huber's Analysis Of The Railroading of Papadopoulos

Earlier today Undercover Huber posted a masterful thread exposing the railroading of George Papadopoulos by Team Mueller. You can read it all here, but I want to highlight the part that really struck me, which has to do with Papadopoulos's initial appearance before a federal magistrate. This occurred the day after he was arrested at Dulles Airport, after reentering the US without the cash that had been planted on him in hopes of setting him up on a money laundering charge. It looks to me like a classic violation of the Right to Counsel.

The more you read about the Papadopoulos case the more you're impressed with how hard Team Mueller and the FBI worked at framing him. The sheer malevolence--the word UC Huber uses--is pretty stunning.

Here are those excerpts re the initial appearance:

Undercover Huber

That sealed Court appearance in Virginia lasted 4 mins, was delayed by hrs (GP left detention for the courthouse at 08:30am, it didn't start until 03:02pm) & was presided over by only a Magistrate Judge (who then just transferred case to DC) who spelled BVGs name wrong as "Gratt”.
11:48 AM · May 24, 2020

Papadoupolos wasn’t represented by Counsel at that initial appearance, even though he had been represented by the same Counsel (Thomas Breen and co.) since Feb 2017, who had attended multiple FBI interviews with him too. The Mag Judge wasn’t made aware of this by the SCO.

Yet GP's Counsel (Mr. Breen) had been informed of GP's arrest and spoken to GP twice the night before  (see FD-302 extracts) & knew of his court appearance the next day (see extract from Politico interview) So this "obstruction" charge is really going “by the book” so far .

The overall effect on the disorientated @GeorgePapa19 appears to have been profound. He describes in his book how he took the “serious jail time” threat seriously, fearing spending *25 years in prison.* Note: he'd never even been arrested before & had no Counsel present to help.

What GP's lawyers could've said at that initial hearing is out of scope of this thread - they could've noted GP didn't even commit those alleged crimes in "D.C" (they took place in Illinois, so the venue was wrong) & his lawyers *personally knew the obstruction charge was false*

Now here is Undercover Huber's overall conclusion, which he wrote up separately. Obviously I don't agree with UC Huber's notion that Barr and Durham are about to let Kevin Clinesmith off "scot free." Nevertheless, the narrative is compelling, and I wouldn't want to be in Clinesmith's shoes when it comes time to pay the piper.

Undercover Huber
Papadopoulos was charged with §1001 false statements because he got a date wrong about when he met Mifsud, and §1519 destruction/obstruction because he got a new Facebook account (and a new cellphone.) 
12:06 PM · May 24, 2020 
Clinesmith appears to have conspired to lie to the FISA court, and destroyed/concealed a federal document under color of authority with an FBI badge, and he hasn't been charged with anything. 
That's the very definition of a two tiered system of Justice. 
What's worse is that Clinesmith was part of the same SCO team that prosecuted Papadopoulos for a §1519 obstructive alteration crime [Clinesmith] appears to have already committed *himself* only a month beforehand, while he was "primary FBI Attorney" on Crossfire Hurricane.
Is there a greater prosecutorial malevolence than charging someone with a crime when you surely know that they're innocent of it, and when you also know you've committed that exact same crime yourself? This belongs in an episode of The Shield with Vic Mackey.
US Attorney John Durham and AG Bill Barr now have to decide if they're going to hold anyone accountable for any of this. 
And the media need to decide if they’re going to keep pretending none of this happened.


  1. I wonder who said "Oh shit" first when PapaD didn't have the $10K with him...

    I guess they were going to work him over despite failure of the set-up. Detail like actual evidence just get in the way. Pretty egregious--but in the end, the FBOI always gets its man!

  2. Those in the SCO that perpetrated this miscarriage of justice must be reading what is being revealed of their actions. The liberal media is doing its best to ignore the debasement of the legal system with innocent men being railroaded and set up by SCO lawyers. Not one reporter has interviewed Weissman, Mueller, or any other SCO member for their statements on the latest revelations. Contrasted with what was done to Page, Papadopolous, Manafort, Stone, etc., it is a travesty.


  3. I've always thought somehow the $10K they tried to frame GP with would be traceable, yet you never hear of it. Last I heard, I think GP had said it's still with his attorney in Greece. How can that be? It doesn't make sense.

    1. GP has said repeatedly that he wants to make it available for analysis. Has that happened with Durham? We haven't heard as far as I know.

  4. Rod Rosenstein authorized Robert Mueller to investigate allegations that George Papadopoulos acted as an unregistered agent of the Government of Israel.

    Both Rosenstein and Mueller wanted to remove Donald Trump from the Presidency. Rostenstein and Mueller hoped that Papadopoulos could be compelled to testify against Trump.

    1. Rosenstein and Mueller thought they could compel Papadopoulos to testify that Trump had colluded with Russian Intelligence to release Hillary Clinton's e-mails and thus to cause Clinton's defeat in the 2016 election.

      Papadopoulos's testimony would be a key element in the impeachment proceedings to remove Trump from the Presidency.

      That's why Rosenstein approved that scope memo against Papadopoulos and why Mueller arrested and persecuted Papadopoulos.

    2. Yes. When you combine the ICA's Russian meddling narrative with the testimony they hoped to extort from GP--as also recounted by a FFG--that would have probably worked. People tend not to understand how close this could ahve been.

  5. I finally had a chance to read Undercover Huber's thread in its entirety with all the supporting documents and news articles referenced. It's incredibly damning of our police state and system of "justice."

    The thing that stands out to me which is hard to comprehend, is the org chart where Huber shows where Clinesmith (under Sally Moyer and Trish Anderson) as counsel operates alongside Heide, Pientka, Strzok, and Priestap as invesigators. To me, I suppose, this illustrates just how corrupt this whole enterprise was and likely still is. And while I know that's obvious, given the taint went all the way to Susan Rice and Obama in the White House, Undercover Huber's collecting all of the condemnation in one place is completely and utterly damning.

    It shows how when their is corruption in leadership, presumably 'good' underlings get conscripted into evil deeds to please their management and protect their careers. I love seeing Clinesmith's regret his "g**-da**ed name" is all over these documents when Hillary lost the election. Yet he proceeds to operate inside "the Resistance." What hubris and audacity it must take! Where are these clowns being "educated?" What is their endgame?

    I enjoyed listening to this 11 min. panel discussion from last November 2019's Morgan Streetman Show:

  6. All of this makes perfect sense when you begin by altering the fundamental perspective of the institutions of the DOJ and FBI in the wake of the Obama Administration.

    Important high-ranking individuals in DOJ/FBI were seduced into becoming de facto criminals, acting with criminal purpose and intent, and do the best job possible in furtherance of a criminal enterprise in service to political ends.

    Normal people find this explanation to be absurd in the extreme and are repelled by the thought that the nation's premier law enforcement institutions could be corrupted in this way. But reality doesn't change just because it's abhorrent.

    This is the foundational problem that Barr must address and remedy. And it cannot be done in the dark.

    And it won't be. Indictments are coming. And the floodgates of whistleblowing will now open. And no one can hold back the tide of transparency that is about to be unleashed.

  7. We all should remember FBI Special Agent Curtis Heide, who investigated George Papadopoulos.

    Heide should not remain anonymous. His entire career and his actions in the Papadoupolos investigation should be studied and exposed.

    1. Agreed. Supervised by Dirty Joe Pientka. Supervised by Dirty Peter Strzok. Supervised by Dirty Bill Priestap (jury may be out, but we know he didn't expose the criminal enterprise), supervised by Dirty Andrew McCabe, supervised by Dirty James Comey.

  8. Sounds legit, even if impossible to prove. I’ve heard this theory before, but with all the other “coincidence”...

    “It is likely that Kislyak, like so many other Obama-friendly foreigners, was in cahoots with the Democrats to entrap Team Trump before and after the election.“

    By Julie Kelly •

    1. In describing the December 29, 2016, Obama executive order as “lame” and “just a slap on the wrist” Julie Kelly failed to acknowledge that it was an amendment to an earlier executive order of sanctions. The amendment included the names of five Russian individuals and entities who were thus to be added to a list of those being sanctioned for cyber activity.

      It doesn’t seem unreasonable for a person in General Flynn’s capacity in an incoming administration to be a contact for the Russian ambassador to discuss this amendment to the earlier sanctions.

      Obama’s action was during his lame duck period. He was on the way out. One would wonder why he would not have discussed this with the incoming administration….except that we know the answer.

      The full amendment that Kelly refers to is here:

      Will I find out what I’m missing?

  9. Ray,

    It makes sense that if Putin preferred Clinton, Kislyak would've been in on the deception. I remember Obama's "After my next election, I'll have more flexibility" comment.


    You wrote "Will I find out what I'm missing?" I suspect that you already know the answer. Obama was acting in bad faith.

    The corruption is wide and deep.

  10. @Bebe

    You are absolutely correct.

    The Obama Administration's failure during the post-election 'lame duck' period to fully brief Trump on its 'Russian' activities, including its investigation of Trump associates without briefing Trump on its unfounded suspicions, its decision to expel Russian persons and impose sanctions, again without discussing with Trump, its surveillance and unmasking of Flynn and undoubtedly others, and its gotcha interview of Trump in Trump Tower tell you >everything< you need to know about Obama's intent to disrupt the transition and his lack of good faith.

    The idea that it was in any way improper for Flynn to have been talking to Kislyak about US - Russia relations is preposterous.

    Somehow, in the Obama-induced and media promoted chaos of January 2017 the nation fell for this scheme. Now look at the price we have paid.

    We still don't know with what crimes Durham will charge which conspirators, but one of the biggest 'crimes' whether charged or not will be the failure of the Obama Administration to cooperate in the peaceful and constructive transition of power to a rival political party following an election.

    I still laugh (to myself) when I think of Mrs Clinton's suggestion in October 2016 that it would be Trump who would contest/obstruct the results of the election.

    1. Au contraire, "one of the biggest 'crimes' whether charged or not will be the failure of the Obama Administration....", fails to do justice to the magnitude of the crimes here.
      Peaceful and constructive transitions of power have been rather rare, outside of countries with strong democratic traditions (e.g. outside of the Anglo-Saxon world).
      The problem isn't the *lack* of a peaceful and constructive transition, but rather, that the transition, and since, involved a *systematic* coup effort.

  11. Ray,

    Thank you for giving the link to the excellent Kelly article at American Greatness.

    So, Kislyak contacts Flynn as part of the setup? Just another clue (as if we needed them) that Flynn was railroaded.

    These people were desperate, determined and dumb.