Friday, May 8, 2020

More K. T. McFarland On The Big Picture

K. T. McFarland has been speaking out about the Flynn case and has written a book about her own experiences with the FBI and Team Mueller. Here's the brief Wikpedia bio:

Kathleen Troia "K. T." McFarland (born Kathleen M. Troia[1] on July 22, 1951) is a former U.S. government official, and political commentator. She served as Deputy National Security Advisor under Michael Flynn for the first four months of the Trump administration. She was asked to step down by Flynn's successor H. R. McMaster; news of her pending nomination as U.S. Ambassador to Singapore was reported at the same time. President Trump nominated her in May 2017; she withdrew it in February 2018 due to concerns around her answers related to links between Trump associates and Russian officials, in particular about discussions between Flynn and Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

Obviously McFarland was in a position to know the lay of the land in Washington in the national security community, and from her experience can speak with authority on what the Intel Community was seeking to do to Flynn and Trump. She certainly should have good sources now, so what she has to say is of interest. As yesterday, she concentrates mostly on the big picture in this interview with Bill Hemmer. Notably, McFarland continues to point at the Obama White House:

Bill Hemmer: KT, good afternoon to you!

K. T. McFarland: It's a great day for the Republic!

Bill Hemmer: You were there when this all went down, you wrote a book about it--your reaction to the news from the Department of Justice, KT?

K. T. McFarland: It's about time. My assumption is that the Justice Department has determined that there are an awful lot more incriminating documents that are going to come out about the people who are at the very top of the Justice Department and the FBI and, potentially, even in the intelligence agencies, or even in the Obama White House, who were involved in this. As I've said right from the beginning, I write about it at great length in my book, exactly what happened to General Flynn, exactly what happened to *me*. The FBI treated me the same way they did Flynn, showing up unannounced, suggesting I didn't need a lawyer, and yet the whole time were setting *him* up and setting *me* up for perjury traps, where they *trick* you into making a tiny little mistake in your statement where you say, 'well, it was Tuesday morning,' and it turned out it was Wednesday afternoon. And then they can *pounce* and say that that was perjury. Bill, there's nothing more sinister about what they did to Flynn, which is that they *blackmailed* him. And they threatened to charge his son unless Flynn pled guilty to a crime he didn't commit.

Bill Hemmer: KT, two questions. Did you expect this move today, or were you hearing, were you catching wind of this at all?

K. T. McFarland: Um, I thought it was getting near to the point where something was going to break--whether the judge was going to throw out the case. I honestly didn't think it was going to be the Justice Department, in essence, admitting that they'd done something wrong.

Bill Hemmer: OK, then another question for you. All the matters surrounding Russia--where are they now or have they, as I mentioned to Brett a moment ago, do they appear to have gone up in smoke in Washington DC?

K. T. McFarland: It was all a scam from the very beginning! When I was with General Flynn and President Elect Trump and met with the Intelligence directors on January 6th at Trump Tower, which is when Comey first told the President Elect about the Steele dossier *they knew at the time* that it was Russian disinformation. They *knew* it was a *fake thing,* but they seized on it as an *excuse* to investigate Flynn and Trump and a number of other people. And their plan all along, as I certainly experienced it personally, was to try to trick people into committing some crime or something they could claim was perjury and then try to force you to turn on others. They made it very clear to me that they expected me to plead guilty to a crime I didn't commit, *or* to implicate Flynn or President Elect Trump, then President Trump, in crimes I didn't think *they* committed. And only if they did that, only if I were going to do that, would they go away. In the end I didn't break. I'm very proud of the fact that I didn't, though I wasn't threatened with blackmail like Flynn was.

Bill Hemmer: You talk as if you're a person who feels vindication now. Do you?

K. T. McFarland: Not yet. Bill, until the people who did this are held accountable, and the sunlight shines on the things that the Justice Department and the FBI were doing--if they could do that to General Flynn and me. I was the most powerful woman in the West Wing of the White House. General Flynn was one of the most powerful people in the national security community, and yet the FBI thought that with impunity they could go after him. But Bill, it wasn't about *us.* It was about 'getting' President Trump in his first couple of days in office to prevent him from effectively ruling. And I firmly believe that it was a group of people at the highest levels of the Intelligence Community, who didn't like the election outcome, and so they were going to do what they *could*--using their power to try to *hobble* a duly elected president of the United States.


  1. Her last name is McFarland, not MacFarland.

    1. Tx. Weird. I had it right at the start and then goofed it up.

  2. An attempted bloodless coup d'├ętat by any other name.

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