Friday, May 8, 2020

Hear That? It's The World's Mini-est Violin

Jonathan Martin
Turns out that big @MikeBloomberg contribution to the DNC didn't come for free - the committee is leaning on state parties to hire the staffers Bloomberg originally promised to pay for the cycle.

Democrats fume over having to clean up Bloomberg's mess
The billionaire cut loose scores of staffers who'd been promised paychecks through the election — and state parties are getting pressured to hire them.
12:22 PM · May 8, 2020

From the Politico article:

Mike Bloomberg’s decision to dump hundreds of former campaign staffers from his payroll — after promising them paychecks through the election — has left a trail of ill will within the Democratic Party that’s now roiling a key part of its general election operation. 
After accepting a much-needed $18 million donation from Bloomberg when he dropped out of the presidential campaign in March, Democratic National Committee officials have been pressuring battleground state parties to hire his former employees, according to senior party aides in three swing states. Those staffers found themselves jobless after the billionaire broke his campaign’s public promise to keep them employed through November whether he won the nomination or not. 
But some state parties are chafing at the hiring requests. Senior state party officials told POLITICO they’re being tasked with cleaning up Bloomberg’s public relations mess rather than hiring the best people for the jobs. 
“It’s ridiculous,” said one Democratic operative familiar with the dispute, who was granted anonymity to speak frankly about the situation. “There were dozens of candidates [with qualified employees] and the parties are being asked to prioritize the rich guy’s staff over everyone else’s.”


  1. Did that fool Perez and the others really believe there wouldn’t be a quid pro quo when Bloomberg “donated” that money to the DNC? That was no donation…

    My violin’s at the cleaners….

  2. I guess they didn’t realize it was a quid pro quo.


  3. It's as if the DNC didn't notice how Bloomberg operates. He acts as he pleases because he has F*** You money. Whaddya gonna do, sue him?