Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Brilliant Interview With Lee Smith

I really like that Lee Smith calls the Impeachment Theater cabal a cult, engaged in a ritual presided over by priestess Pelosi and high priest Schiff. As he says, none of the Russia Hoax and its continuation into Impeachment Theater--which he rightly views as a continuum--bears any similarity to reality. It can only be explained as a cult:


  1. If this is a cult, they need hymns. Here is one courtesy of the Christian children's song.

    "Trump is guilty this I know, for Adam Schiff tells me so."

  2. The Horowitz report has been circulating for a few weeks now and Democrats know what will soon be made public. Their desperation in the current impeachment inquiry is a measure of the severity that revelation will have on their political image going forward into next year's campaign cycle. The MSM has been primed to argue that the Horowitz findings are invalidated as revenge by Trump for the impeachment investigation. This is a battle over swing voters and it's all they've got.

  3. "The Horowitz report has been circulating for a few weeks now"

    Greg Rubini says out Friday. We'll see.

    "This is a battle over swing voters and it's all they've got."

    And Dems have lost swing voters on the issue.

    Unknown, predication is about due process--a fundamental constitutional concept and not an FBI construct. Normally due process is an issue that arises after the prosecutive (rather than investigative) stage has begun. The reason you don't hear about it more often in public sources re investigation is because we're not usually dealing with a rogue LE/Intel organization(s) such as has now been uncovered. The lack of predication is key to proving the conspiracy within that rogue IC and that drives the separate criminal violations--lack of predication shows the intent and ties the actors together within the framework of an all embracing narrative.

    1. Ah yes, Friday. Will that be the usual late afternoon when The Swamp invariably releases reports it doesn't want anyone to notice?

    2. Would people not notice something about which there's been so much buzz for so long, or would such timing make more likely that this Report would be The Talk of the weekend talk shows?

    3. I was referring to the well-known instinctive nature of The Swamp.

      Recall the last false start was also to be Friday. Then Friday again. Some think Horowitz is a white hat. I think he's a swamp rat.

    4. White hat is going too far. Capable of a thorough and unbiased investigation into FISA? That may be a reasonable expectation, especially with Barr/Durham around.

  4. The Top 10 most important NEW things in Lee Smith's book, “The Plot Against The President”